You will be surprised how many of your future customers are waiting to hear from you. With Money Mailer you will give them a chance to discover your business. Listen to how we helped our clients get more business below:

Money Mailer

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Direct Marketing – getting your message into the hands of your specific consumer – is the single largest advertising medium in America. That’s because Direct Marketing works.

Money Mailer’s envelopes contain offers and discounts from local businesses. Coupons and special discount offers mailed to 10,000 of the highest income homes in each area mailed all over the country.

Five Coupon Ideas Your Customers Will Love:

1-) Thank You Coupon Mails/Emails -Thank your customers for their business in the past year by sending them a "Store Credit" for future use for your products or services. 

2-) Season of Giving - People love giving to the less fortunate during the holidays. Give a percentage of each sale before Christmas to a charity of your choice. You get to give to the community while attracting more business and engaging customers. 

3-) Please Review Us Survey - Send out a simple 2 or 3 question survey (there are plenty of free online survey services). Tell participants that each completed survey will receive a coupon to save a certain amount of money at your business. 

 4-) Online Survey - Email your clients links to review sites (like Google Places or Yelp) and request that they review your business and email you the link to their review in return for a lucrative coupon. Once you have proof that they’ve submitted a review, email them the coupon. 

5-) One for Yourself and One as a Gift - Offer customers the chance to purchase one or two products or services and then send the same product or a voucher for the same service as a free gift to a person of their choice. If you’re feeling extra generous, offer to ship it to that person.

Benefits of Using Money Mailer Coupons for your Business:

One Stop Shop: Money Mailer is a one stop shop for businesses looking to print and send out coupons. Money Mailer takes care of the art, the postage, the printing and the mailing list and a business will only have to deal with one person to get all that done.

Announcing Grand Opening: Of all the ways for a new business to announce its opening, Money Mailer is among the best because it specifically targets homes in the business’ area.

Coupon Saving Smart Phone App: People don’t need to actually get the Money Mailer to enjoy the savings, either, thanks to the free Money Mailer app and website. The Money Mailer app allows people to find deals at businesses in their area

5.0 star rating